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   Our Comprehensive Marketing and Selling Strategy for Our Sellers.

  1. Provide the seller with a list of preferred vendors for repairs, clean-up, etc.

  2. Provide a list of pre-listing recommendations.

  3. Provide a variety of market reports to support suggested listing price: Realist, Realtor’s Property Resource, iCloud CMA.

  4. Collect additional information up front that will make the transaction more efficient: past surveys, existing title policy, utility information, termite bond, existing home warranty...

  5. Provide American Home Shield Home Warranty information.

  6. Weekly Tuesday Caravan preview before the home is listed or during the first week.

  7. Broker’s Open Houses for other agents to preview.

  8. Sunday front color page of the Daytona Beach News Journal.

  9. Adams, Cameron & Co. quarterly Open House Extravaganza.

  10. Artistic advice on making your home visually appealing, including light staging.

  11. Professional, personal photography of your home.

  12. List home on the West Volusia Association of Realtors MLS.

  13. List home on the Daytona Beach Association of Realtors MLS.

  14. Instant communication for showings and contractual updates: Two agents = double the availability!

  15. Submit the property to third-party websites that offer agent reviews: Zillow, Trulia,,, Redfin, Hotpads, and many more!

  16. Create and distribute customized color flyers in the community.

  17. Place listing on Craigslist Classifieds upon request.

  18. Share property on social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn…

  19. Use reverse prospecting within the MLS to capture buyers who show interest.

  20. Help sellers relocate - locally or globally- to ensure you’re working with the highest quality real estate agent and have the most efficient and enjoyable transition.

  21. If necessary, work out a simultaneous closing between sale of the existing home and the next one. Ideally, with a seamless transition.

  22. Promote the property at weekly in-office sales meetings.

  23. Weekly mastermind meeting with the team to review and strategize future marketing.

  24. Place property listing on our personal websites.

  25. Place a professional sign on the property to direct interested buyers immediately to an educated agent to assist them immediately.

  26. Provide seller with a blank copy of the Purchase Agreement so they will be more familiar when buyer’s offers come in.

  27. Schedule open houses upon request and availability and market accordingly.

  28. Send out direct mail pieces or hand-written letters advertising the home to neighbors in the community before mega open house events.

  29. Provide a customized property-specific mortgage flyer with current rates, homeowner’s insurance, taxes...

  30. Provide a seller’s market update monthly to show the market activity in the neighborhood. What inventory around you is moving?

  31. Follow up with buyer’s agents for feedback on each showing. Not every agent will provide feedback, but we sure try!

  32. Publish a Virtual Tour on Adams, Cameron & Co’s YouTube channel.

  33. Optimum exposure across 400+ internet syndication sites.

  34. Consistent communication with existing buyers that may be in the same category.

  35. We are up-to-date with changes in lending practices, mortgage rates, and the seasonal market peaks to give you reliable advice on price adjustments.

  36. Research property’s current use and zoning use.

  37. Research tax records to verify full and complete legal information is available to prospective buyers and buyer’s agents on MLS printout.

  38. Provide seller with Showing Checklist which offers guidelines to have the home prepared for appointments.

  39. Obtain seller’s weekly availability and showing instructions to work around their schedule.

  40. Have seller complete the Seller’s Property Disclosure and verify buyer’s signatures.

  41. Research HOA and/or Condo amenities, deed restrictions, assessments, etc. and provide buyer with Homeowner’s Association documents, and have the buyer(s) sign HOA and/or Condo disclosures.

  42. Prepare a Seller’s Net Sheet with a variety of sales prices, low and high, to show the amount of estimated expenses.

  43. Update interested buyers of any changes in price or alterations on the property.

  44. Negotiate portions of the contract to ensure the “highest and best” price and terms.

  45. Arrange inspections and follow up with questions/concerns. Resolve any issues.

  46. Meet with appraisers to show additional home information and pending sales or additional “off-market” sales (for-sale-by-owner, etc.) comparable properties.

  47. Monitor the buyer’s loan process to ensure loan commitment and meet the agreed upon closing date.

  48. Help choose a title company that is reliable and efficient.

  49. Obtain escrow deposit within 3 days from contract date.

  50. Make closing arrangements (time, date, location) with Title Company and all parties.

  51. Work with qualified buyers and connect them preferred lenders to assist them in obtaining a suitable mortgage for the property.

  52. Work to prepare the home for closing and set up the buyer’s final walk-through the day before/day of closing.

  53. Arrange transfer and possession of the home: keys, garage door openers, utility deactivation, warranties, additional keys (pool, mailbox), HOA transfer.

  54. Review the HUD Settlement Statement prior to closing.

  55. Verify buyer’s wire transfer within a suitable time frame to guarantee it’s on time.

  56. Deliver the seller’s check to them at closing.

We look forward to working for you and helping you achieve your goal of selling your home for the maximum amount, both quickly and efficiently!

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Amy Mason
Amy Mason
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